My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

09 September 2010


First off, my sincerest apologies to those I promised I would have a blog up yesterday! I meant to write, but the building I was in was closing and I headed back to my internetless apartment before I could post anything. My first day in Dublin was a bit rough. The whole trip I was so confident I was doing the right thing and that it was going to be a wonderful year. I arrived about 9 in the morning, having only had about 15 minutes to half an hour of sleep on the plane. I realized upon arrival that a year in America deactivates the SIM card on a phone, thus my phone did not work. Major problem #1. The girl I was sitting next to was taking the AirCoach to her on campus residence so instead of taking a cab like I had planned, I went to find the Coach with her. We ended up getting seperated because she was the last person on the bus parked there, and I was the first person on the next bus. I thought I was supposed to get off at Donneybrook, but I had no idea where to go after that (I had planned on calling my contacts when I got here). Major problem #2. Fortunately, the bus had wi-fi (I love technology) so I could e-mail my contacts. Turned out I was supposed to get off at St. John of God's Hospital not Donneybrook. The bus I was on did not go to St. John of God's Hospital. Major problem #3. The next series of events involves some extremely nice Irish people. The hospitality here is simply amazing. The bus driver pulled off at Sillorgan (very near my complex) and told me how to get to the hospital by asking the people waiting at the bus stop. Then, two ladies at the stop helped me get my luggage on the bus, told me which stop to get off at, and pointed the direction I was supposed to go from the moving bus when they realized I had no idea where I was. I then began my very long journey dragging my two suitcases down the street. When I got across from my complex, a lady stopped and gave me a ride up into the complex and helped me find the building I was supposed to be in. We met a man who had to return some keys to the people I needed to see so he helped me bring my luggage up the stairs in my building. By that time, all I wanted was a shower and my bed. Come to find out, the complex is not quite as great as it looked on the internet (I knew it wouldn't be that good, but I wasn't quite expecting this). I did not get a duvet and pillow like I thought and there's no wireless internet. My flatmate (who's name is Matt - wasn't expecting a guy's name? Neither was I.) and I took the bus into Grafton Street to go to Dunnes and to get necessary bedding and towels. My room has an ensuite bathroom so I immediately got in the shower and took a nap when we got back (I also had a very tearful phone call with my mom). It's amazing what water and sleep does for mental health! I'm now feeling much more comfortable and at peace with the whole situation. Once we get internet, I will feel even more so.
I have realized how much of a city girl I am not, however. Luckily Stillorgan Mall is very near by and is much smaller and less busy than Grafton Street!
This song was going through my head on the plane so I'll post it for my Irish ending:
Oh fare-the-well, dear Ireland, my own dear native land.
It breaks my heart to see friends part
for it's then that the teardrops fall.
I'm on my way to Amerikay,
will I e'er see my home once more?
For now I leave my own true love
on Paddy's green shamrock shore.

Our ship she lies at anchor,
she's standing by the quay.
May fortune bright shine down each night,
as we sail over the sea.
Many ships were lost,
many lives were cost on the journey that lies before.
With a tear in my eye I'm bidding goodbye
to Paddy's green shamrock shore.

So fare-thee-well my own true love,
I'll think of you night and day.
And a place in my mind you will surely find
Although I'm so far away.
Though I'll be alone far away from my home,
I'll think of the good times once more.
Until the day, I can make my way
to Paddy's green shamrock shore.

And now the ship is on the waves
May heaven protect us all.
With the wind in the sail we surely can't fail
on this voyage to Baltimore.
But my parents and friends did wait til the end,
til I could see them no more.
I then to a chance, took one last glance
at Paddy's green shamrock shore.


  1. I was glad you sounded better the second time I talked to you - after your nap! I will admit that I did spend a little time looking at "flights to Ireland!"

  2. If that were me, I'd have gone straight back to the airport and taken the next flight home! Gald you are doing better. And I LOVE that song. The version I have heard is done by a group called The High Kings.