My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

15 August 2010


I'm beginning to think it would just be easier to live in a hostel for a few weeks while I'm trying to figure out a place to live! Already, I've had two scammers try to win me over (wanted money right away before I even saw the place and had the exact same add for different countries). I just need to remember that for every scammer, I've received a legit phone call (I've enjoyed having Irish accents on my voicemail!)
The first phone call I had was from Colin (I can't say his name without an Irish accent now :), but I didn't get the chance to call him back as I discovered my phone does not make international calls. The second phone call I received today from Jennifer. She also left a voicemail, but added me on Skype so hopefully I'll be able to talk to her soon. Initially, I only had her add down as a maybe because it's a 30 minute bus ride from UCD, but it's beginning to look pretty good now. It would be living with a family whereas the first one would be living on my own. I go back and forth on if I want to live by myself or not. If I do, I worry that I'm not social enough to really make friends with people without living with someone, but then I remember that I didn't necessarily become friends with my roommates in Galway. If I live with someone, then I would have a person familiar with Ireland (and Dublin) as a go to person which would be nice to have. I guess I'll keep looking at tons of ads and will hopefully have a place to live soon!

"If you're lucky enough to be Irish, then you're lucky enough." ~ Irish saying


  1. Wow, I can't imagine trying to find housing in another country! You're one brave chick! GL!!!!

  2. Wow I love your blog!
    I hope you find a great place to live and that God blesses you during you stay! Have you seen the movie "Leap Year" with Amy Adams? the plot, iffy, but the scenery undeniable! So prrrty! .