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16 September 2010

Internet at home

We finally have internet at home! The guy came around 2:30 and installed it (pretty good since he was supposed to be here anywhere from 1:00 - 6:00). He told us it might take up to an hour for it to register and fully connect. I told Matt, we may have gone without for a week, but this is going to be the longest hour of our lives! Luckily, it only took about 30 minutes and it was ready to go!
I had my first class yesterday. I'm sure I'll be keeping busy, but right now it seems like I'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands. I have class for an hour on Tuesday and Friday mornings (Intro to Latin) and two hours on Wednesday afternoons (Early Irish Civilisation). Other than that, I have absolutely nothing. I'll have a few seminars now and again, but nothing regular. Theoretically this means I should be able to do a lot of reading and studying, but based on my laziness today, I'm doubtful that's going to happen. I can at least console myself with the idea that I was productive this morning. I was able to open my Irish bank account and get my Student Travel Card so once my bank account is activated, I'll be able to get my permanent mobile and bus pass (woot!) I think my world is slowly being put back together! I feel like moving overseas is a bit how they describe teleportation - everything is shattered and taken apart at the starting point, then are assembled again in their destination. When I first got here, I definitely felt like my world had fallen apart, but I'm beginning to see it all come together once more. Now if only I could convince all of you to move over here, too... ;)
Now that I have internet at home, feel free to Skype me anytime I'm online!

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