My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

24 April 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a good day.
Side note: Sorry if this blog gets a little off topic every once in awhile - I haven't been sleeping very good lately (I don't know if it's the time change or end of year stress, either way it's annoying!) and last night I literally didn't sleep at all so I've found I tend to get a bit chatty when I haven't slept!
My friends and I started out the morning going to Christ Church Cathedral for their Easter Service. I decided to wear my heeled boots (not a big heel, but enough to know it's there) - flats would have definitely been a better option! After church, we went to Gallagher's Boxty House in the Temple Bar (ironically, none of us got boxty) before heading down to Grafton Street (about a kilometer from Christ Church). We then decided we were going to go to Phoenix Park, and we were going to walk there. I really need to go back when I have the appropriate footwear as the park is gorgeous, but I was very focused on trying not to fall this time! I figured it up when I got home, and I walked 10.8 kilometers (almost 7 miles!) I feel like those boots (and my feet) should get a gold medal! I'm thoroughly impressed with the boots I was wearing because they honestly didn't hurt my feet until we were halfway through the park (probably around mile 5) and I don't have any blisters! I will be keeping these boots around for a long time!
And now - I am going to bed! Goodnight!

17 April 2011


Sorry, I didn't get this up yesterday, but I was waaaay too excited to write. Even my personal journal just has written I MET JOSH GROBAN!
I found out last week that Josh would be doing an album signing at the Celtic Note on Record Store Day. Naturally, I went out the next day and bought his new album, Illuminations (I would highly recommend it if you haven't bought it yet!) When I got to the checkout the man said, "And how would you like to meet this fine fellow on Saturday?" I managed to contain myself and replied with a simple, I would love that (but I was really shouting uh, YES! in my head!) My flatmate, Matt, and his girlfriend, Lenna, were very entertained with my enthusiasm for the whole event. I kept telling them that we didn't have this kind of thing in Kansas, but they still laughed (I'm sure I was very entertaining.) So at 11:45 yesterday morning, I arrived at the Celtic Note on Nassau Street and realized that Josh is a little bigger in Ireland than I thought! The end of the line was all the way around the corner (I think I had flashbacks to standing in line at the Garda!) I stood in line for a little over an hour before I got to the front and had the surreal experience of seeing one of my favorite singers about 10 feet away from me! OMG!
The line snaked its way through the store (it's not very big at all) and finally it was my turn! I believe this is what I told my mom afterwards:
Did you get that?
If not, here's a translation:
We shook hands, he signed the inside page of the little book, then he put his arm around me and we took a picture. It was very exciting.
I didn't really know what to expect since I'd never met a famous person before, but I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with Josh. They had a professional photographer there so you could go online later that day and download your picture (it made everything go much faster and it was free). In every picture I saw, he looks genuinely happy - no fake smiles or anything. Every person I heard him talk to he said nice to meet you and thanked them for coming before they walked away. Such a nice guy!
So that was pretty much the highlight of doing grad school in Dublin - completely validated the whole experience! :)
If anyone would like to go to his concert in KC on 25 May, please come along! We have a group of 6 or 7 already and would love to have more!
In case you haven't seen my Facebook lately, here's a couple pics from yesterday:

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorite (can't pick an absolute favorite) Josh Groban song:
Hidden Away
Over mountains and sky blue seas
On great circles will you watch for me
The sweetest feeling
I've got inside
I just can't wait to get lost in your eyes
And all these words
That you meant to say
Held in silence
Day after day
Words of kindness
That our poor hearts crave
Please don't keep them
Hidden Away

Sing it out
So I can finally breathe in
I can take in all you say
Holding out for something I believe in
All I really need today
I want to free your heart
I want to see your heart
Please don't keep you heart Hidden Away

You're a wonder
How bright you shine
Flickered candle in a short lifetime
Secret dreamer that never shows
If no one sees you than nobody knows
And all these words you were meant to say
Held in silence day after day
Words of kindness that our poor hearts crafe
Please don't keep them
Hidden Away

Sing it out
So I can finally breathe in
I can take in all you say
Reaching out for someone I believe in
All I really need today
I want to feel your love
Will you reveal your love
Please don't keep your love
Hidden Away

I want to free your heart
I want to see your heart
Please don't keep your heart
Hidden Away

12 April 2011

Coalition of the Willing

I'm not sure how many readers are still out there (hello? ECHO, ECho, echo)but, if you haven't jumped ship, take a look at this video:

It's a video on how we can all play a part in fixing the world (in a nutshell anyway). Enjoy!