My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

25 January 2009

Tour of my House

I decided that it would be nice to record a tour of my house so you all can see where I live! I had to use my mic so I kind of look like a telephone operator (or like Garth Brookes, right Mike?) and I couldn't edit out the end when I set the camera down so I can turn off the video so you get a nice view of my duvet cover at the end! :)

I went outside earlier today and didn't even have to put my coat on! It was glorious! It also hasn't rained all day and the sun has been shining so let's hope that trend continues!


  1. Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for the tour! I enjoyed seeing where you live and looking out the window. I can't believe all you girls fit in that tiny condo. I hope the microwave gets fixed soon, that would put a cramp on my style!


  2. Nice house. I hope the weather is nice during my visit. Only 18 more weeks!!! :-)