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15 January 2009

Random info

I've been realizing that I've been talking to people individually and leaving some info out of my blog so I think I'll catch everybody up now. I also think of things during the day that I should write, but then forget by the time I get home so hopefully I remember everything!
Our Irish housemates got here Sunday night. Their names are Marion, Maura, and Amanda. Everywhere I go, there is always another Amanda! When I went to Jr. CYO camp in junior high, the only other Amanda in the entire camp was not only in my cabin, but in my room! I was pretty excited when I got here because there were no other Amanda's in the Butler program. I then thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if one of my housemates was named Amanda?" I didn't think it would really be, but it is! The girls are really nice! They made us feel right at home so I don't feel like a squatter anymore! :D Amanda is studying English and Maura and Marion are studying science (I think....I could be wrong). It's very interesting living with them as we see the Irish culture we were warned about. One of the ladies at orientation told us that Irish students will tell visiting students that they never go to lectures, they hardly do any outside work, they just show up for exams. One of the very first conversations we heard was one of our housemates saying to another, "Do we have college this week? I'll figure out my timetable later." This was on Sunday.
Speaking of college, I've discovered I have to add another class. The Irish language course doesn't actually count for credit so I need one more to have 30 ETCS. I've decided to take Women in Medieval Society. I got the syllabus today, and it doesn't look too bad. It's hard to schedule all of my classes because each class has a tutorial you must sign up for. The tutorial is basically a study group that you discuss the lectures with. The first time I made out my schedule I didn't think it looked too bad, but adding in all of the tutorials is making it fill up fast!
We have a family stay this weekend. I'm staying with Breda Ansbro, her husband, and their three children. She is a housewife and her husband is retired. There kids are high school and college age and I'll have one other American student with me so it should be fun! They live in Tuam, which is north of Galway.
I think I shall now end this really long post and go get my laundry (6 euros to wash and dry! Not good when I'm used to $3 for that!)

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    I enjoy checking in and seeing how you're doing. Thanks for keeping us posted. I also enjoy listening to Garth while reading. Galway Girl is good, too. I haven't listened to the other one. Love the pictures!!! Be happy with your curls - I love them! Good luck with your classes this semester, and enjoy every day you're there - it will go way too fast!
    Take care!
    Aunt Sheri :)