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12 January 2009

So, yeah...I may have exaggerated a little on the rain situation - but it does rain at least once a day! Today was a little boring because it was the first day of class so nobody was around, but I didn't have any classes today so I was the only one here. I have two classes, however, tomorrow, one at 9:00 a.m. Normally, as in Baker terms, this would not be bad, however, campus is about a 30 minute walk (my speed - I'm getting faster) and finding the building could take a very long time so I will need to leave my house, at the latest, by 8:15. Then, I sit and chill on campus (highly doubt I'll have any homework) until 1 when my other class is. Starting next week, I'll then have to sit from 2 until 5 as my seminar starts at 5. I'm used to being able to run back to my room and grab something or take a nap in between classes, but my house and campus are a little far apart for that! Also, some of my friends experienced some problems today. They have experienced everything from imaginary rooms to empty rooms that are supposed to be full. This could be a very good venting tool tomorrow...hopefully I won't need to vent!

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