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11 January 2009

Life in Ireland

It rained yesterday for the first time since we got here....I don't think it will stop raining until I leave. Now to understand my dismay at this, you have to know that I spent at least 16 years of my life in drought. Rain to me is 30 minutes of drizzle, not continuous all day and all night. I've given up on thinking I will ever feel fully warm or dry again!
With all the problems with the heat and hot water and rain you would think that I am miserable, but I'm not! I absolutely love it! It could get old really fast, but currently I am really enjoying myself.
School starts tomorrow....I forget I'm not just on vacation and that I actually have to work while I'm over here! I don't actually have any classes tomorrow. I want to take an Irish language class that's offered on Monday, but it doesn't start until next week. My colliquia doesn't start until next week either so I'll only have 3 classes this week! How awesome is that! The classes I am planning on taking are:
Intro to the Irish Language
The Northern Ireland Problem
The Mid-Tudor Crisis
Celtic mythology, religion, and folklore
Rome and the Conquest of the Mediterranean
I don't think I'll die. Now, the challenge is going to be finding where these classes are. Rooms here are not set up in a typical manner. There really is no rhyme or reason to where things are located. Also, the class schedule set up is very different from what I'm used to. There are no set days like MWF classes and TR classes. Classes are just on two random days during the week. And just because it's the same class on two different days does not mean that they are in the same room. I'd better never forget what day it is because I could very easily get myself lost!

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  1. LOL, I remember when I was frosh and KState choir went to England. It rained all the time there too. It was crazy! Good luck with getting your classes all figured out! That sounds crazy!! :)