My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

22 October 2010


I finally registered with immigration! It took me 3 visits to finally get one of the coveted appointment tickets (evidently third time's a charm!) The Garda are the police in Ireland, and immigrants must register with them within a month of arriving in Ireland (I had to do this last time I studied here as well). Unfortunately, to get a ticket one must begin lining up as early as 2am. I think the basic plan for most people is to go out and drink, then when the bar closes, go stand in line at the Garda. Ridiculous. I got there at 7:15am and was one of the last ones to get a ticket. I then was told to come back around 4:45. . . I finally was called up at 7:00. Then, I didn't actually get my card until about 8:00. Talk about a loooong day!

On a happier note: My best friend from high school had her baby! Ruth Anne Virginia Taylor was born 20 October. It's so weird to think about how far Ashley and I have come since we met in high school. Her goal in life was to be a mom, mine was to live in Europe. When we met, these were just dreams and now they're reality. It's very strange to think about dreams coming to reality. . . I still have moments when I'm walking down O'Connell Street or sitting at an outdoor cafe on Dawson Street (yes they do have these despite the rain) where it just hits me that I'm living in Dublin and think, "How cool is this?!"

In honor of baby Ruth Anne, my Irish quote will be a baby blessing:
"A new born babe,
brings light to the cottage,
warmth to the heart,
and joy to the soul,
for wealth is family,
and family is wealth."


  1. What pray tell do you do with the ticket? Do you have to carry it with you for id? I am as always easily confused.

  2. lol sorry, I should have explained that better. The ticket refers to the place in line I had. I had to be in line at 7 in the morning to be number 419 in the queue to get my Garda card. When I went back, I got a card similar to a driver's license issued from the Irish Immigration Office that I carry with me.

  3. I just read this post...and cried :) It is awesome to think about how God has blessed both of us by granting us our dreams.
    P.S...I LOVE YOU!