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14 June 2010

Things I've Learned Working at Walmart

I've worked at Walmart a short time, but I've picked up on a few things that I feel you, who most likely are a Walmart consumer, should know:

-If you have time standing in line, please remove your clothes from the hangers. It will make your checkout go so much faster.
-Put all of your groceries together so the cashier doesn't have to spin the bag wheel 50 times to ensure no grocery items are put in with chemical cleaners.
-ALWAYS put the bar between your stuff and the next person's stuff. Don't assume the cashier will automatically know where the break is (the belt keeps moving until something stops it. Chances are the cashier didn't see the break there.) This one really irritates me.
-If you call the cashier by their first name, even though you don't know them, stop. It's creepy.
-Try to empty your cart and move forward to grab the bags of the wheel thing as fast as possible. There are only so many bags, and, especially when you don't separate your items, they fill up fast.
-Make sure there's a bar code or a price tag on every item. If there's not, find one that has one or remember the price.
-Don't get angry at the cashier when the card reader doesn't work. They've had to deal with it all day and are probably more angry at it than you are.
-Keep your card out until you're positive the transaction has gone through. If you're paying with a credit card, keep it out until you're sure the cashier won't ask to check your signature.
-Cashiers judge you by what you buy. And we question what you could possibly be doing with these items (especially in the express lane with minimal items). Like condoms and butter...maybe I don't want to know...

Irish quote of the day:
"I can resist everything but temptation." ~ Oscar Wilde


  1. LOL Condoms and butter!!!! That is hilarious. You made my day by sharing that :)

  2. lol I didn't actually see it, but the lady who trained me said that was the funniest one she'd ever seen!

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh Amanda, I can't stop laughing!!!