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27 April 2009


In case some of you didn't see the comment on the last post - Katherine is not leaving! yay! She did some soul searching and realized that she could not possibly leave me until the very last possible minute...ok, Kelsey and Viviane might have had something to do with it, too, but it was mostly me. ;)
My roommate has her last exam tomorrow - how crazy is that?! She'll be done with absolutely everything school wise. Granted, my last exam is Wednesday, but I have two 5,000 word essays to write after that so I will be far from done. The library is so crazy right now it's hard to get motivated to go so hopefully I will be brave enough to fight the crowds soon so I can get my essays done early so I, too, can be free from school.
I'm not sure how much more traveling I'm going to be doing. Katherine and I might take a trip to England, but we're still working on that. We also may take a trip to Donegal, but again, we're still working on it. I'm for sure going to Connemara and the Arran Islands with Kelsey, Vivianne, (maybe) Katherine, and Kelsey's people, which will be fun. I'll of course also have the 9 days with my family here that will be far too short for what I want to show them.

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