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24 July 2010

lol moment at Walmart

So it was getting pretty late in my shift a couple nights ago, and I was pretty focused on just getting out of there. While I was checking someone out, I heard a couple arguing farther down the line if he was going to buy her some gum. He said no and she finally relented. When their basket got to me, she goes, "baby, give me a kiss." Turns out, this was the perfect distraction for her to slip the gum into the basket. I'm trying my hardest not to laugh (no easy thing for me, as you probably know) since the man is totally oblivious to all of this. I quickly ring up the gum and slide it, right in front of him, to the woman. The man is still completely oblivious! The woman and I are cracking up and the guy has no idea why! When I announce the total, the guy goes, "wait - did you get gum?!" By this point I'm trying my hardest not to laugh really really hard, thus can't really talk. I somehow managed to gain enough control to move onto the next person, but even now, just thinking of the guys reaction to this, is making my laugh.
Reading back over this, it's not as funny so maybe you had to be there, but I was very entertained.

Irish trait:
The Irish ignore everything they can't drink or punch.

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  1. LOL, Amanda, I thought it was funny! And believe it or not, I think about the things you have said about people in Walmart when I am at a checkout stand now! I'm much more educated on proper checkout etiquette! :)