My favorite picture of the Irish countryside

03 June 2009

Home Again

I am officially at home in Concordia as of this morning! I got into Kansas City at 6:00 last night and was met by Abby, Avaree, Dana, Jessica, and Janine! We went out to Abuelo's for supper since I haven't had Mexican (or at least good Mexican) for five months. I nearly fell asleep at the table! I got back to the hotel about 9:00 and Mom, Dad, and Sarah were completely passed out! We left about 7:00 this morning, dropped Dad in Topeka for his meeting at 10:00 and got home about 11:30. We had an amazing nine days in Ireland - I'll write more about that once Diann sends the e-mail compilation of everyone's memories. I think the weirdest thing about being home is that it's not that weird. I'll miss Ireland and Galway like crazy, and I will probably cry for a few days when I realize I can't go to the Crane that night or walk down Shop Street and see all the musicians, but I'll live.

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