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16 February 2009


Day 21 of our disconnection from the world....The internet has apparently died at Gort, and there is a very slim chance of its revival anytime soon. We got a flyer in out mail slot last Friday stating that the problem was bigger than anticipated (no kidding) and that if the problem wasn't fixed by next Friday, we will get another update then. I don't think that's a good sign if they're already telling us we'll be updated next Friday. Our options for internet right now are Subway (which requires us to buy something in exchange for their internet...good thing for 70 cent cookies!) and Campus. Subway closes at 9:00 (or 10:00...they kick us out at different times) and Campus closes at 10:00....everyone at home gets done with work/school by 11:00 here, which means I can talk to virtually no one unless I call them on my mobile (15 cents a minute to the U.S.) And, I only have 5 euro left of mobile credit and am too poor to top-up at the moment....I feel extremely disconnected from the rest of the world! I am also extremely tired of carrying my computer on that 20 mintue walk to and from campus EVERY DAY! I really need to make more friends who do not live in Gort so I can use them for their internet...and free laundry, which I believe, we should get out of this deal! I guess this way I am forced to go to the library and study although, obviously, if I'm writing this, I'm not studying. I also hope that if this situation continues, I don't need to pull an all-nighter (or half-nighter for that matter) as the library is only open until 10:00 and I may get cold and wet and possibly arrested if I sit in the middle of campus in the middle of the night. Hopefully, the internet will decide to grace us with its presence soon, but I'm not holding my breath...

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